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Empowering New Beginnings

Women In

An annual series of exhibitions and activities celebrating the journeys, challenges, and achievements of new migrant women in Australia, fostering community engagement and support

Protect the rights and interests of women and children Provide education, mental health, l

What is 

Migrant Women in Australia?

The "Migrant Women in Australia" program is an annual series of exhibitions and activities designed to celebrate and empower new migrant women in Australia. The program aims to highlight the unique stories, challenges, and contributions of these women, providing a platform for them to share their experiences with a broader audience. Through exhibitions that showcase personal stories, artwork, and cultural expressions, along with interactive activities such as workshops, speeches, and networking events, the program fosters community engagement and support for migrant women. This initiative not only raises awareness about the diversity and resilience of migrant women but also encourages their integration and active participation in Australian society.

2024 Exhibition:

Migrant Women in Australia

The "Migrant Women in Australia" program, running from 8 June to 15 June 2024, has attracted more than 1,000 attendees to its various activities. This vibrant event celebrates the strength and contributions of migrant women in Australia, offering a rich array of art, photography, and personal narratives that highlight their remarkable journeys.

Aims of This Event

Celebrate Diversity

It showcases the varied cultural stories and contributions of migrant women to Australia, enhancing appreciation for multiculturalism.


Promote Inclusion

This platform helps integrate migrant women into the broader community, fostering connections and mutual understanding.


Empower Women

By sharing their stories, the event empowers migrant women, offering inspiration and visibility to others facing similar challenges.


Raise Awareness

It highlights the unique challenges migrant women encounter, advocating for supportive policies and community support.


Build Networks

The event provides networking opportunities that support both personal and professional growth for migrant women.


This initiative not only enriches the community but also supports migrant women in becoming active, recognised members of society.

Protect the rights and interests of women and children Provide education, mental health, l
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Event Schedule 2024

Women’s Day - Story Call Out
We begin on International Women's Day by inviting migrant women to share their stories, offering a platform to voice their experiences and journeys in Australia.

Mother’s Day - Interview & Video Release
On Mother’s Day, we spotlight the pivotal roles of migrant mothers through interviews and video releases that celebrate their resilience and support within their families.

Opening Events - Talk & Tea Time
Our opening features "Talk & Tea Time," combining insightful talks with a casual tea session to encourage networking and community building among attendees.

Exhibition - Migrant Women in Australia
The centrepiece is our exhibition, showcasing artworks, photos, and stories from migrant women, highlighting their contributions and the rich cultural diversity they bring to Australia.

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