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For Young

Let Sunshine Fill Your Home

Kids, grab your mystery seed pack and let's turn a tiny square meter into your very own garden! Let the sunshine in and watch magic happen!"

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Join the One Square Meter Community & Sunshine Circle! 

Grow joy and bring the adventure of gardening to your family.


With a special starter pack or mystery seed pack for kids,  transform a tiny plot into a blooming wonder. This is your chance to bond, learn, and share in the delight of nurturing life from the ground up.


Apply for your pack, join the Sunshine Circle, and let's sprinkle a little sunshine together. Start your green journey today and watch your garden—and joy—grow!

Get involved and let the sunshine in!

Join the Sunshine Circle, it’s about bonding with nature, spending quality time with family, and joining hands with a community that values growth and sustainability. Start your gardening adventure with One Square Meter Sunshine (OSMS) project, and enjoy the rewarding experience of nurturing your one square meter to life

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Join the Art Harmory Melbourne Program

Explore the vibrant and diverse programs of the Art Harmony in Melbourne (AHM) schedule. From hands-on workshops that ignite your creativity, to immersive educational journeys, there's something for every art enthusiast.

Delve into the "Cross-Cultural Canvases: Fusion in Art" to experience the fusion of Asian and Australian art, or join "Masterful Insights" for guided tours in NGV and Geelong Gallery.

Experiment with "Mixed Media Ventures" for a taste of multimedia art, collaborate on a "Graffiti Magic" project, or express yourself in "A Hands-On Workshop with Sculpture."

Our program is designed to inspire, educate, and connect, offering a unique artistic journey for international students.

For further details about Program, please visit

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